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Prayer forms the foundation for all activities and ministries at Christ Church.  Many opportunities exist for you to be prayed for or for you to pray with others.


God invites us to share our concerns with one another and to be in prayer together.  As Christians, it is our right and responsibility to pray for one another's burdens. At Christ Church, there are Intercessory Prayer lists (public and confidential) that are prayed for on a weekly basis by Staff and the Receive, Inc. prayer ministry. A request will remain on the Prayer Lists for one month as we join you in prayer for your loved ones. If a need extends more than one month or is on-going, please let us know. 


Prayer requests and updates may be called into the Pastoral Care Office (913-648-2271 ext. 202 or written on the welcome and communication cards provided in each Sunday's worship bulletin.


At Sunday services, prayers are offered during the Prayers of the People for parishioners and immediate family members who are in the hospital, critically ill and for those receiving Communion by a Lay Eucharistic Minister that day.  


Here is a list of other prayer activities and opportunities:


Sunday Prayer Teams

Groups of two intercessors assemble during and after communion at any Christ Church service to pray with anyone who would like to receive prayer.


Prayer chain for immediate prayer needs

            Contact the Pastoral Care Office or your small group.


Prayer Vigils for specific needs

Prayer vigils are usually organized by lay persons at Christ Church with the help of friends and family of the person(s) in need.


Receive, Inc. Ministry

Receive is a not-for-profit ministry of Christian healing made up of a group of men and women from several area churches.  They offer healing prayer, laying on of hands and teaching to any who request it.  The group meets on Tuesdays at Christ Church and each appointment is half an hour.  To make an appointment contact Bette Armstrong at 913-888-2762.


Soul Healing Prayer Ministry

The Soul Healing Ministry is designed for people who are dealing with past tragedies and hurts, unhealthy, addictive habits or those who are unable to move forward in their walk with God.  A group of up to two to three specially trained intercessors will pray for a period of two hours with anyone who makes an appointment.  If you would like to know more about Soul Healing, please contact Ruth Stromberg at 913-345-9333.


An Evening of Healing Prayer and Worship

This service happens the first Monday of every month (except holidays). Please click on "Prayer and Healing Worship Service" for more information.


Prayer in Hospitals

            Please click on "Chaplains" for more information.



Please remember that anything you need prayer for is never too small.  We always love to join you in prayer for any need.


                                       For where two or three are gathered in my name,
                                            there am I in the midst of them.
                                                                                 Matthew 18:19-20