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Do you know your love language?

Take this brief quiz to figure out how you give and receive love.

Choose the statement that is  most true of you.


I feel especially loved


A.  When people express how grateful they are for me, and for the simple, everyday things that I do.

B.  When a person gives me undivided attention and spends time alone with me.

C.  By someone who brings me gifts and other tangible expressions of love.

D.  When someone pitches in to help me, perhaps by running errands or  taking on  my household chores.

E.   When a person expresses feelings for me through physical contact.


Does your child understand your love language? Learning your child's love language can make your child feel secure, loved and more willing and open to interact with you and your family.



Hizhouse Living Room Lunch Presents:
The Five Love Languages for Children 

May 20th 1pm in Common Ground's Caf