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Missions Files

Files related to Christ Church Missions

File NameDescription / Comment
A Concise Introduction to Islam (missing)Word Document (25k)
Adjusting To A Culture (missing)HTML
Behind Radical Muslim Discontent (missing)Word Document (30Kb)
Christian and Muslim World - Views in Contrast (missing)Word Document (24Kb)
Christian Poet Reflects on 911 (missing)Word Document (26Kb)
Cultural Aspects of Missions (missing)HTML
E-mails from Honduras Team (missing)Word Document (48Kb)
Faith and the Secular State (Sept 2001) (missing)Word Document (26Kb)
First Glimpse at Haiti (missing)Word Document (28Kb)
Friendship Partner (missing)HTML
Gulf Coast Outreach (missing)School Supplies Aug 06
Honduras - Mission Possible (May 2000) (missing)Word Document
International Mission Opportunities (Oct 2005) (missing)Adobe PDF File
ISI Bulletin Board Info Mar07 (missing)
Lay Your Head (Dec 2005) (missing)Adobe PDF File
Ministry Opportunities (Oct 2005) (missing)Adobe PDF File
Mission Trip to Ground Zero (missing)Adobe Acrobat PDF File (197Kb)
Muslim World View (Jan 1999) (missing)Word Document (29Kb)
Pastor Paul's Ordination (Dec 2001) (missing)Adobe Acrobat PDF File (460Kb)
Reasons Why English Is Hard To Learn (missing)HTML
The ABCs of American Culture (1998) (missing)HTML
The Five Pillars of Islam (missing)Word Document (27Kb)
The Koran and Muslim Tradition (missing)Word Document (21Kb)
Understanding Hispanic Culture (missing)HTML
What its really like to go to Uganda (Dec 2000) (missing)Word Document (28Kb)