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The Heart of Christ ChurchUnder God's love, direction and strength, Christ Church reaches out to Greater Kansas City.  We welcome people into a biblical community living in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Through our celebration and small groups, we help people discover the greatness and goodness of Jesus Christ.  This naturally leads to entering into a Master-disciple relationship with Jesus, who alone is worthy to be the Master of a person's life.

As a community, we pursue a living relationship with Jesus and His church.  Together we seek to fulfill the command to love God and to love one another.  Through the power of God's kingdom, we look for God's transformation of our character into the likeness of Christ.  We are becoming a new creation -- a people who are prepared to do what Christ commands.

We are burning with a passion to be a church that is so filled with God's unmistakable spiritual power in the changed lives of its members that people in our city are drawn to be a part of what God is doing.  We help people discover that the greatest life in the world is found in being a sold-out disciple of Jesus Christ.

Our passionate love for Jesus fills us with His compassion for the world.  Being this kind of church leads us to be the hub of a church planting movement helping to plant reproducing churches which share the heart of Christ Church.  We are eager to pass on God's blessings to other churches and church leaders in our heartland, our country and to the ends of the earth.

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Jesus is LORD!