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Sermon Audio Each week the sermons will be added to this page, so that you can listen to them in streaming audio.  Just click on the name of the person preaching to hear their message for that week.

Date                    Speaker            Transcript Topic                                                    
May 20, 2007 Ron McCrary   One Heart, One Mind, One Mission
May 20, 2007 Patrick Wildman   Dealing with Doubt - Can God Really Use 
Someone Like Me?
May 13, 2007 Patrick Wildman   Dealing with Doubt - Is the Bible Really God's Word?
May 6, 2007 Ron McCrary   Dealing with Doubt - Is God Good?
April 29, 2007 Rustin Smith   Shaping Your Story
April 15, 2007 Ron McCrary   Living the Baptized Life
April 8, 2007 Ron McCrary   "Do Not Be Afraid."
April 1, 2007 Patrick Wildman        T The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
March 25, 2007 Ron McCrary        T Freedom From Anger
March 18, 2007 Ron McCrary        T Running Scared
March 11, 2007 Patrick Wildman        T The Fruit of Repentance
March 4, 2007 Patrick Wildman        T Gimme Shelter
February 25, 2007 Ron McCrary   Forgetting Amnesia
February 21, 2007 Patrick Wildman   Ash Wednesday
February 18, 2007 Ron McCrary   Amazing Grace
February 11, 2007 Patrick Wildman        In His Image
February 4, 2007 Ron McCrary        T Innovative Anglican Worship
January 28, 2007 Patrick Wildman        T Tuning In
January 21, 2007 Patrick Wildman        T Seeking Stories
January 14, 2007 Ron McCrary        T God's Sacred Heart
January 7, 2007 Ron McCrary        T Rescue Operation
December 31, 2006 Patrick Wildman        T The Word became flesh
December 24, 2006 Ron McCrary        T  
December 10, 2006 Patrick Wildman The Meaning of Salvation
December 3, 2006 Patrick Wildman         T Judgement
November 26, 2006 Ron McCrary         T